John Romkey 168w" sizes="(max-width: 150px) 100vw, 150px" />John Romkey is one of the principals of Blue Forest Research, LLC.

John has been involved in the Internet since 1981. He worked with Prof. Jerome H. Saltzer and Dr. David Clark at MIT’s Laboratory for Computer Science on the PC/IP project – the first¬†implementation¬†of TCP/IP for personal computers. MIT shared PC/IP with the world under an extremely permissive license that pre-dated the “open” and “free” software movements. John also created NetWatch, the world’s first network analyzer which parsed packet headers rather than just dumping them numerically.

John graduated from MIT in 1985, worked as a staff member for a year and went on to found FTP Software, which commercialized MIT’s PC/IP and NetWatch as PC/TCP and LANWatch. FTP Software eventually went public in 1993 and went on to have $250 million in annual income. Its market eventually faded and it was aquired by its competitor NetManage in 1998.

He created the Packet Driver specification that allowed loadable device drivers for network cards under MS-DOS.

John also worked with Karl Auerbach at Epilogue Technology on portable SNMP and TCP/IP implementations. While at Epilogue he demonstrated an Internet-connected toaster.

John served for two years on the Internet Architecture Board.

His current interests include food, nutrition, fitness, tools that actually improve quality of life rather than complicate it, and of course the Internet.